State Farm Flash DriveIn 2013, a VistaPrint survey revealed some interesting numbers related to promotional products.  How did your last marketing efforts stack up against these numbers?

Of the people surveyed, 52% said their impression of a company is more favorable AFTER receiving a promotional product and nearly 50% use those same products on a daily basis!

Imagine these numbers represented YOUR company’s prospects responses after a giveaway:

Favorable impression after your promotional product 52
Use your promotional products daily 50

Five Marketing Benefits For Using Promotional Products

 1. Increased Brand Recognition:  Brand recognition is often a goal for a business no matter the size.  Standing out from the crowd means getting creative with your marketing.  A simple way to do this is by using promotional products!  These are simple tools, items customized with YOUR BRAND that a customer can use in everyday life to keep your business top of mind.

2. Mass Reach, Low Cost: Couple a lasting impression with a small price tag and you can immediately see why promotional products are a great value, especially on a tight budget!  Simple giveaways are nice ways to not only say thanks to your customers, but to increase loyalty.

3. The Gift That Keeps On Giving: What better way to help customers think about your company every time they (fill in the blank).  What other form of marketing can do this?  Handing out free bottle openers if you own a bar for instance, a flash drive if you are in tech, use your imagination!

4.  Got Your Back (Business card back that is): Forget your business card?  Even if you didn’t, a small promotional item in addition to leaving behind a card will do wonders to keep your company in line for future consideration.

5.  Marketing Portfolio: Most companies have a marketing plan that is consistent and stable for them, a ‘go to’ type of strategy.  However, a broad marketing portfolio can help you reach new markets and new customers.  Diverse strategies simply reach further over time, not to mention that this one is FUN.